Curitiba is the capital city of Brazilian state; Parana is also the largest city in Brazil´s southern region. The city comprises 26 Municipal councils with total population over 3.2 million. Parana is the 5th developed state in Brazil after Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul represents more than 6% of Brazil´s total GDP. The Main economic activities are in Agriculture and industrial sector accounts 65% of State´s total GDP.

The State has transferred from traditional industrial products of wood and food processing industries to metal-mechanic sector and electrical equipment and electronics. The Curitiba metropolitan area is one of the Brazil´s major hubs for automotive industry with multinational automotive giants including Volvo, Renault, Audi and Volkswagen. The State has export oriented economy around the port of Paranagua. The State´s agricultural sector consists of soy-bean, corn, sugarcane, coffee and livestock including cattle farming and poultry.

In view of the commercial importance of the state of Parana the embassy of Sri Lanka in Brazil planned a series of trade and tourism promotional activities aiming to enhance trade and tourism cooperation between the state and Sri Lanka in the first week of December.

WhatsApp-Image-2018-12-13-at-09.36.29-1The Mission with the assistance of Commercial Association of Parana, organized a Mini Exhibition, Tea testing event and trade and tourism promotion presentations of Sri Lanka to promote country as a trade and tourism destination. The promotional event were attended by the trade and tourism sector officials in the State Government of Parana, Trade and industry Association representatives and specially Brazilian companies who are interested of importing Sri Lankan products. The Special product display arranged at the meeting venue was a good opportunity for attenders to gain a thorough understanding on the quality of Sri Lankan exports. Products and Tourism brochures and tea samples were distributed among the participants at the end of the meeting.

The series of promotional meetings were comprised with the meetings of State secretaries of the government of Parana, Commercial Association of Parana, Association of Companies of the Industrial city of Curitiba, Association of Travel Agencies of Parana (ABAV), Federation of Commerce of Parana (FECOMERCIO-PR) and potential importers for Sri Lankan products.

During the meeting with State secretaries related to Economic Development and Tourism, the Mission explained available opportunities in the trade and tourism sector in Sri Lanka for mutual cooperation and possible joint ventures. While welcoming Sri Lanka´s presence and interest of strengthen bilateral ties, the State secretary assures its willingness to assist Sri Lanka. The Tourist office of the government too expressed their interest of sharing tourism exchange programmes with Sri Lanka with the view of increasing number of Tourism arrivals for both countries.

Bilateral discussions were held with the President and the Director of International Relations of Parana State Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism known as FECOMERCIO-PR. Founded in 1948 the federation now represented by 64 employers union and more than 500,000 Parana companies in trade, services and tourism sectors. The Federation agreed to extend its cooperation to Sri Lanka by organizing B2B meetings for any visiting delegations to Curitiba, emphasizing importance of continuous visibility in Brazil to attract trade and tourism opportunities.

With the assistance of Department of Commerce, Sri Lanka the entire programme was organized by the trade division of the Embassy.

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