The Ambassador of Sri Lanka to the Federative Republic of Brazil, Musthafa M. Jaffeer undertook a visit to the city of Goiania, State capital of Goiás on 27th June 2019 as a part of the Economic Diplomacy programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and to strengthen trade and economic interactions between Sri Lanka and key States of Brazil. Ms. Seevali Wijewantha, First Secretary (Commercial) accompanied the Ambassador during the visit.

On arrival to the State capital, Ambassador was received by the Vice Governor of the State of Goiás, Mr. Lincoln Tejota. At the meeting held with Mr. Lincoln Tejota, the Vice Governor expressed the State Government’s willingness to forge an effective, long-term cooperation with Sri Lanka in areas of mutual interests. Mr. Tejota also reassured his readiness to facilitate any incoming visits of trade delegations from Sri Lanka to the State of Goiás and to provide a platform for discussions with representatives of local industries in the State.


The Superintendent of the Department of Foreign Trade of the State Government, Mr. Fernandes, who met the Ambassador at a subsequent meeting, highlighted the State Government’s special focus placed on the Asian region as a key trading partner of Goias. He also expressed the readiness of the State Government to host a ´Sri Lanka Business Day´ in Goias in early 2020 which will be dedicated to promote Sri Lankan products in the region. Recalling the successful visit undertaken to Sri Lanka by a Chamber delegation from the State of Goiás in 2017, Ambassador Jaffeer, reaffirmed his country’s desire to work with Goiás, especially in agricultural, pharmaceuticals, tourism, IT services, tea and rubber sectors. Ambassador also invited trade delegations and investors from Goiás to consider investing in agricultural, rubber and pharmaceutical sectors.

During the discussion with Mr. Rubens Jose Fileti, President of the Chamber of Foreign Trade of the Commercial and Industrial Association of Goiás (ACIEG), Mr. Fileti affirmed ACIEG’s readiness to join hands with foreign embassies to promote trade between respective countries and invited Sri Lanka to participate at State promotional events regularly. Mr. Sarkis Nabi Curi, President, Foreign Trade of the Federation of Industries of Goiás (FIEG), who attended the meeting, highlighted the opportunities available for investors in the garment industry in Goiás. FIEG, which has over 25,000 member companies, represents 36 industry sectors. Mr. Allan Maximo de Holanda, President of the Association of Natural Rubber Producers of the States of Goiás and Tocantins invited Sri Lankan investors to establish joint ventures in rubber sectors in Goias so as to gain markets access to Mercosur countries and US . At this meeting, Sri Lanka showed particular interest to link up with the industry sectors of automobiles (rubber tyres and other auto parts), food processing (coconut products, tea & spice), industry (garments) and cosmetics (essential oil). 



Goiás is a fast growing state in Brazil with a GDP of over US$ 63.4 billion and a leader in livestock production, commercial cultivation and in mineral production. Goiânia and Aparecida de Goiânia have become centers for food-processing industries, and city of Anápolis is mainly represented by pharmaceutical factories. Barro Alto and Tocantis is a municipality in Goias state famous for production of rubber (coagulated latex) which produces over 2,200 tons per annum. Its 6.7 million populations with per capita GDP is over US$ 9,962 create a very good market for Sri Lankan products.



Embassy of Sri Lanka,Brasilia,


05 July 2019

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