A Sri Lankan dancing troupe led by a renowned artiste Jananath Warakagoda together with Chathuri Wickramaarachchi of “Natamu School of Traditional Sri Lankan Dance” staged a unique Sri Lankan cultural performance at the Fourth World Culture Festival 2023 at the National Mall in Washington DC captivating a massive crowd that attended the event.

The cultural recital that showcased Sri Lanka’s rich traditional dance heritage was performed by eighteen dancers that included three artistes specially flown in from Colombo together with the members of “Natamu School of Traditional Sri Lankan Dance” supported by the troupe of "Ceylon Bera" in Washington DC.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Washington DC in association with the World Culture Festival organized the staging of Sri Lanka’s dancing performance prior to the closing ceremony of the event on 01 October 2023. The Sri Lankan performance was well received by the huge crowd who attended the event.

The three-day World Culture Festival 2023 organized by the Art of Living Foundation held during the period of 29 September to 01 October 2023 in the iconic “National Mall” of Washington DC, concluded on a high note with vibrant performances from South Asia, Latin America and Caribbean islands. The organizer estimates over a million people from 180 countries descended at the National Mall in Washington DC during this three-day period to celebrate human diversity through dance, music, meditation and culture. The Art of Living revealed that 17,000 global artists from all cultural traditions performed at the event.



Embassy of Sri Lanka Washington D.C.
10 October 2022

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