The SSLFTA was signed at the Ministerial Level on 23.01.2018 and it came into force on 01.05.2018.The SSLFTA covers goods, services, investment, intellectual properties, telecommunications, e-commerce, trade facilitation, government procurement, competition and economic and technical co-operation.Basic Customs Duties (BCDs) on imports of all products except motor vehicles, liquor & tobacco are free into Singapore on MFN basis.From the market access point of view of Sri Lanka, only 04 products at HS 8 Digits, namely Medicated or Other Samsu-alcoholic products, are included in the Negative List of Singapore.

SSLFTA- at a glance

The Trade Liberalization Programme (TLP)

The TLP of Sri Lanka which includes the Elimination of BCDs, Cess and Ports and Airports Development Levy (PAL) on imports from Singapore is as follows.

Elimination of BCDs

Type of Staging Category No. of Tariffs Lines (TLs) at 
HS 8 Digits
 % from TTLs 

Category-"X"/Negative or No  Concession List

 1,488  20%

Category-"0"/Immediately Zero Duty

Gzt No :2069/02, Dated 1st May 2018

Total 3,721

Category-"0"/Immediately Zero Duty
W.e.f.01.05.2018-not implemented                                                                                                                                                      

Gzt No :2080/02, Dated 19th July 2018

Category-"6"/Eliminating equally in 6years from
31.12.2018 to 31.12.2023
1,116 15%
Category-"12"/Eliminating equally in 6years from
31.12.2023 to 31.12.2028
1,064 14.3%
Category-"15"/Eliminating equally in 5years from
31.12.2028 to 31.12.2032
51 0.7%
Total Tariff Lines (TTLs) 7,440 100%

Elimination of CESS & PAL

Type of Staging Category  No.of Tariffs Lines (TLs) % from TTLs No. of Tariffs Lines (TLs) at 
HS  8 Digits
% from TTLs 
Category-"X"/Negative or No 
Concession List
 1,488  20% 1,488  20%
Category-"0"/Immediately Zero
 5,094  68.5% 2,240  30.2%
Category-"10"/Eliminating equally in
5 years from 31.12.2023 to 31.12.2027
856 11.5% 3,710 49.8%
Total Tariff Lines (TTLs) 7,438 100% 7,438 100%


Current Status

  1. Sri Lanka brought down BCD on 3721 to zero under Staging Category- "0", on 01st May 2018 and 19th July 2018 respectively.
  2. Amendments were identified for further discussion as mandated under the Report of COE.

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