How many countries and in which countries Commercial Officers are stationed?

The Commercial Representation of the Department of Commerce comprises of 32 DoC officers serving in Sri Lanka’s Missions/Posts abroad in 27 countries. For more details, please refer

How can I find their contact details?

Through the website of Department of Commerce, – Contact Us- Commercial Officers Overseas

How can I obtain their assistance?

By contacting them directly or through the DOC

What are their main responsible areas?

The main functions of the Commercial officers under the commercial diplomacy initiative include promotion of Sri Lanka’s exports, attracting Foreign Direct investments and tourism promotion in their respective host/accredited countries

Trade Inquiries and Complaints

How the DOC can assist Sri Lankan exporters/ importers with regard to trade complaints against foreign counter parties?

DOC can facilitate Sri Lankan exporters/importers to find an amicable settlement to the trade disputes with foreign trading partners, in coordination with Sri Lanka’s Missions/Posts located in the respective foreign country/ies.

Trade complaints shall be submitted to the department through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sent via registered post along with all the relevant supporting documents.

How the DOC can assist foreign exporters/importers with regard to trade complaints against Sri Lankan counter parties?

The department can facilitate foreign exporters/importers to find an amicable settlement to trade disputes by contacting the relevant Sri Lankan trading partners.

How the DOC can assist Sri Lankan exporters in finding suitable foreign buyers?

Exporter/s can submit a request to the DoC along with the company profile/s of the exporter/s.   Once it is received, the DOC will make arrangements to provide the required information.

Exporters can directly contact the officers of the DOC stationed in Sri Lanka’s overseas Missions/Posts and obtain the required information. Contact details of the officers are available on the website of the department. (

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